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    Conditional sum across a row of data (Emulate a hlookup in excel)

    Donald Olsen

      Hello all,

      First time posting so please forgive me for any errors.


      So what im trying to do is simulate a process I have in excel where I use "=IFERROR(HLOOKUP($B3,$D$2:$W3,$Y3,0),0)" in order to scan the row of data and only provide the sum of the first column that is not a zero, and no other afterward.


      Essentially looking for the calculated column to represent the value of the first year only.

      Sidebar I'd also like to add a filter to to use the data in the 2019 column if it is not 0 regardless of the value in 2018 example

      Capture the values in the blue circles, and ignore the red because it is 2018