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    Display Parameter values instead of Calculated field Names in Table Header

    Joy Quadras



      I am designed a dashboard(rather 2) which allow a user to choose values on the first one and a Tabular report is generated on the second dashboard.Following are the details:


      Dashboard 1 contains Quick Filters, 4 Parameters - Dim 1 to Dim 4 which allow users to select different dimensions , and 5 Parameters which allow user to select Measure Names.


      Dashboard 2 : Calculated fields in Columns starting Dim 1 to 4 and then calculated fields based on the measures which user selected in the parameters on first dashboard


      Assuming User selects the value "Region" in Dim 1 and "Country" in Dim 2 and value "Sales" in Measure 1 and "Volume" in Measure 2


      Below image shows what I am currently able to get and what I expect to get in the tabular format on the second dashboard.


      Is there any way through which I can show the values selected in the parameter as the column header in the table?


      Any help is appreciated!