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    Filter on relative date

    Haan Haan


      I wanted to show daily differences of sales by default when i choose TODAY in the relative filter date.

      However, it will appear () on the differences as i choose TODAY, YESTERDAY.

      For the filter date on range also the same...let say the range is 8 June to 8 June. (Assume today is 8th)

      May I know how to solve this?

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Haan,


          Anchoring relative to today won't work currently as today's date is 21st June and your dataset only goes up to 11th June.


          Also, when you use these filters, it filters to THAT day and does not look at anything before/after the date. So you're unable to do the comparison to the day before as everything as been filtered out.


          What I would suggest is use a date RANGE filter:




          Because of the existing last table calc filter you have, it means the view will look for the maximum date in that range, and find the value and also compare the difference to the day before. (Table calculations comes after filters in the order of operations so it works well in your case as the previous day is not actual filtered out, it's just hidden from the view)


          If you also have the date filter on reset (click on the x to reset) :



          That range filter will update as your data updates. E.g. for example when your data updates and includes date 12/06/2018, your date range filter will update such that the maximum range is also 12/06/2018.


          Thanks and please see attached.



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            Haan Haan

            Dear Mavis

            Can calculation field and parameter help me? If i want the daily differences by default then differences in terms of YTD, MTD ( selected by user)


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              Mavis Liu

              Hi Haan,


              Yes you can do this, but it will be a pretty hefty calculation.


              Something like the attached workbook will help you. I have YTD comparison between current year and previous year.