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    IF Statement based on a filter

    David Atwell

      I am looking to create a calculated fields based on the selection of a Filter.


      Based on the table below, when I choose the Payment Type (Tax), I get the amount $548M.


      What I want is that when I select Payment Type (GST), I only want to see the Total GST amount of $980M. (Note: Total GST  = GST 3 - GST 2 - GST 1). At the moment, it sums all the GST Payments types together.


      I know i am able to Filter out on the data source page for GST 1, 2 and 3 but I need it for other visuals.


      Can this be done? Maybe I need to do it via Parameter but I a really don't want to as I have several years for the data. (not shown in example). I have provided an example of this in a workbook.


      Any help is appreciated, David