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    Dashboard view alignment

    Tina Crouse

      I have attempted no containers; horizontal; and vertical and no matter what I do I cannot get my graph to line up with the other stuff. Any advice would be most appreciated.


      I have a screen shot: The headers all line up and the contents but when the graph goes in I cannot get the bottom of graph to align with the bottom of like CA information going down the screen. I have no floating and all my formatting of the sheets is set to be right on top of the line


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          Joe Oppelt

          I'm assuming you're talking about the green bar chart not lining up with the other sheets to the left of it.

          Sometimes this can be tedious and frustrating.


          Here's something that might help.  Right now it looks like you have unchecked "Show Header" on the bar chart.  Temporarily turn it on.  That will let you drag the width of the rows while the sheet is on the dashboard.

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            I mocked up something that I think is similar to yours.

            It seemed to align better.


            Maybe it has something to do with how you are showing the column headers?

            What method did you use to move them to the top?

            I used this one

            Re: Moving Axes Labels to the Top


            Please see workbook attached in Forum Thread.


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              Joe Oppelt

              Upload a workbook.

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                Joe Oppelt

                Yup.  I get the errors.

                But it's not about the data.  it's about function.  Replace the problem fields with bogus calcs or something, just to get something on the dashboard so we can have something to edit and adjust.  I tried replacing fields with SUM(10) just for the sake of having something there.  Screens still come up blank.  You know your data and requirements on these sheets.  And 13 months of data?  The same issue would happen if you have only 2 months I would expect.


                See if you can find a way to upload something that we can  use.

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  OK.  So some things I see.

                  Here is your first issue:



                  The headers on the sheets are different sizes.  Right from the start the space for distributing the rows is different because of this.


                  So in this screen shot I dragged the header space bigger on the first two sheets to match the bar chart.



                  But even with that, I can see that the first sheet and second are not aligning as they go down the sheet:



                  This tells me something is going on at the bottom of the sheets:



                  And there it is.  That scroll bar take up some real estate.  I recall you saying that things lined up if there were only two months.  Probably because we didn't need a scroll bar on this sheet when there is only two months.  Your sheet is set to "Fit Height" (which is probably the right thing to do here.)  So tableau takes that height, accounts for the necessary scroll bar, and allocates the rest of the height for the rows.


                  I made a copy of your dashboard and floated everything.  The scroll bar is still there, of course.  But now I have control of sizes.  Go to dashboard Copy 2 and scroll to the bottom.


                  Here I shrunk (dragged) the bottoms of the 2nd and 3rd sheets so that they end where the top of the first sheet's scroll bar sits.  Now the first two sheets line up perfectly, top to bottom.



                  But not the 3rd sheet!  Take a look at the data though.  The 3rd sheet has rows that are not on the first two.  (VA, MA, DC are three that I see.  Maybe more.)  Given that these sheets are set to FIT, Tableau is dividing available space by the number of rows.  They'll never match up with different numbers of rows.


                  But the bottom line is that you can make things do what you want, as I did here.  You'll just need to make the actual rows match up.


                  BTW:  If you wanted to keep things tiled instead of floating as I did (it's really a matter of style and preference, and I prefer floating, and this example is a great reason why), you could have addressed this in TILED too.  You would put sheets 2 and 3 in their own separate container, and place sheet 1 plus the new container in an enclosing container.  And then you would put a blank object below the container for the sheets 2 and 3 that would be as high as the scroll bar on sheet 1.  That would "squeeze" the sheet 2/3 container shorter by that much, and things would line up.