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    Group had a member last year, doesn't this year

    Matt S

      Howdy all.  Longtime lurker first-time poster.  I have a table that looks like the following, which, for the purposes of this example, is counting unique people who are members of different clubs over 3 years.  I want to do some analysis on the membership trends of each group.  For example:

      -How many are a member of more than one club?

      -How many folks in year 1 are retained in year 2 for each club?

      -How many leave each club, and where do they join another club?


      My data is structured: person, year, club


      Your help much appreciated!!!

      Year 1Year 2Year 3
      Club 1101112
      Club 2323344
      Club 3344879
      Club 4928070