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    Global filter value is keep changing in the interactive report

    Grace Raj

      Hi ,


      I have a interactive dashboard which has 6 to 7 sheets.. which I set it up for action filter...On top of that..I have 2 global filter, For example , Filter 1 : User group and Filter 2: list of user ( corresponding users)..  The content of the global filter is not showing all the values ,if I drill down any value inside the sheet..


      For Example, If I select A Group from Filter1 and in global Filter 2 showing all 3 users initially,  but after drill down with different value.. the Global Filter 2 is showing only one user instead of 3 users...


      Gobal Filter 1( all Values)              Global  Filter 2 (I select the option, only relevant Values)

      A Group          Chris



      B Group          Tom


      C Group          Sharon



      I don't want the global filter value keep changing it.. It should be as it is  the initial time ... regardless of the drill down


      Please let  me know how to do it.



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          Mahfooj Khan

          Hi Grace,


          If this is the case then don't show relevant values for Filter2. Show all values in database for for the same and check.

          Let us know if you've any question.



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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning Grace

            Global (and context) filters serve to limit the range of data like a gros filter - if you apply additional filters you are now working on that limited set of data to further refine it - it is like do a series of AND filters - -   the one difference is that your global filters are applied to all sheet and your subsequent filters vary from sheet to sheet


            If you are trying to hold a view constant at the "Global filter" level you and then see the effect of applying different filters then you can create a sheet with only the global filters applied and another sheet with the global and additional filters applied and bring them together on a dashboard



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