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    How to Calculate Rate using two excel spreadsheets in Tableau 10

    Binod Baniya

      Dear tableau community,


      I have an excel spreadsheet that has the information about the employees who were nominated for an award. The spreadsheet also has information about their location, gender, department, tenure, etc. I also have a second spreadsheet that has the information about  the headcount for the company. The 2nd spreadsheet includes location, gender, department, etc. for all the employees (who got the award and who did not) in the company.

      I wanted to find the rate of nomination using Tableau where I can show the total no of employees nominated from a department "X" per the total number of employees in the department "X". I used the following formula in a calculated field, but does not seem to be accurate meaning the rate is right for some department and wrong for others.


      SUM([Number of Records])/SUM([2015 (Blended 2015 P-A)].[No  of  EEs])


      Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.