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    Use of an LOD expression

    A Je

      Hello and good afternoon,


      I need to identify all of the materials that contain 101, 201, or 221 in the MVT field.


      If the material contains one of those characters in the MVT field then "bad" and if not then "great".


      I believe I need an LOD expression (with a nested if statement) and not a filter.


      I simply do not know how to identify multiple items per a specific dimension..


      Please see the attached.


      Also, please show the formula.



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          Shinichiro Murakami

          HI A je,


          It's difficult to understand whole picture.

          Could you clarify what you want after identifying these dimension value.


          Hopefully you try something and illustrate issue and expected results with attaching twbx.




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            A Je

            Hello Shin,


            I want to identify the materials which did not have those characters in the MVT field.


            I can use the formula which I can use text which will read Bad or great




            I can use it as a filter to only show the material numbers which do not have those characters.

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              Shinichiro Murakami

              Hi A Je,


              I don't think this is supporting your absolute requirement, anyways, trying to answer the spot question.






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                Jim Dehner

                Good morning

                Took a little different approach looking at the Material level


                the formula looks  to see if any of the MVT are 101,201,or221 the then over the material is takes advantage of the alphabetical order to sort out "Bad" (has at least one of the three) from Good has none of the three

                I did a second version that included doc date - figured that might come into play


                it will return charts like this



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