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    Custom Shapes Causing Blank Sheet on Dashboard Parameter Sheet Swap Filter for Tableau Server

    Michael Kwan

      Hello, I am using Tableau Desktop 2018.1 and  Tableau Server Version: 2018.1.0 (20181.18.0404.1605) on 64-bit Windows.


      I have 3 sheets that are set to show on a dashboard when the string parameter is true for that parameter value. Changing the parameter value effectively shows the chosen sheet and hides the others.


      This works fine in Tableau Desktop, but when publishing the workbook to Tableau Server, the other sheets with the same custom shapes are shown as blank after changing the parameter value. Only the default first view shows the custom shapes.


      I have checked Include External Files. Removing the Custom Shapes and applying Tableau's default shapes also fixes this issue, but I would like to use my custom shapes.


      These views used to work fine in Tableau 9.0.


      Sample Workbook on Superstore data attached.