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    How to make an axis label automatic until a fixed end is reached

    Deborah Diesel

      I have a use case for which I need to create a dynamic axis range. Is there a way to make an axis label automatic until a fixed end is reached?


      I am attaching some superstore data that is configured similar to my dashboard (Tableau version 10.5) as an example.



      Example #1 - Fixed end under 10,000


      In this case, I need the range to be automatic because the highest value does not exceed 10,000 on the fixed end. The goal here is to maximize the real estate in the Viz.


      In this case, fixed end does not create the right scale for my bars and half the width of the chart is wasted.



      Example #2 - Fixed end over 10,000


      For customers that have any category that exceeds 10,000 in combined measure values, I need the end to be fixed at 10,000. The goal here is to include outliers but not allow them to skew all other views.


      With an automatic fixed end, any report that has an outlier makes my other bars too tiny.


      I'm open to any workaround or hack that might make this work. Thanks in advance for your input!