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    Tableau - Insufficient licenses

    saritha rani

      Hi there,


      We are using Tableau server 10.5.1 and have unlimited tableau licenses in both Production and Development. We recently configured Development server and configured it ADFS and enabled SSO. Upon adding an AD group(with 6 users) to Tableau Server with Site Role as Interactor, not all 6 of the users are showing as Interactors instead 2 of them are turning out to be 'Unlicensed' with Error message - 'Insufficient licenses. Setting user roles to “Interactor” failed.'


      Please let me know the cause of this issue and how to resolve it. Thanks in advance.



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          Jeff Strauss

          Are you able to login to the Tableau customer portal, and compare the license keys that are assigned to your Tableau Server with what is allocated via the customer portal?  It sounds like there may be a mismatch going on somewhere and it's worth a double check.  If not, open a case with Tableau support and pick a category of licensing.  They're usually really fast at responding about these types of issues.  Customer portal: https://customer.tableausoftware.com/

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            Ritesh Bisht

            Hi Saritha,


            When attempting to add a new user or assign a site role to a user on Tableau Server, one of the following error messages might occur:

            Setting site role for user <username> to '<siterole>' failed


            Insufficient licenses. Setting user roles to '<siterole>' failed.


            Tableau Server


            1. Verify that all interactor keys are activated within Manage Product Keys. For more information, see Add Capacity to Tableau Server.(Tableau Software will provide you with a new product key that adds capacity to your existing Tableau Server installation. You need to activate this key and use it together with your existing product key(s) to get the combined capacity you are licensed for.)
            2. Ensure that all interactor keys are refreshed with an active maintenance date. For more information, see Refresh Maintenance Date for the Product Key.
            3. Restart Tableau Server using the following commands to synchronize Tableau Server with the Trusted Storage.

            tabadmin stop
            tabadmin start


            When attempting to add a new user or assign a site role to a user on Tableau Server, the Tableau Server environment has reached or exceeded the total number of available interactor seats.