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    Rename columns. Mass change

    Safraz Persaud

      I have my raw data in a CSV file which is frequently being updated. The CVS data file does not have any header names. I have a separate Excel file with the column headers. There are over 240 columns. Is there an easy way to get the column names to my Tableau connection with the CVS (instead of the default F1 through F240) without adding the column names individually?

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          Michael Gillespie

          The only way I can think of is to add one row to the beginning of the CSV with the column headers.  But if that file is automatically generated without the header row on a regular basis, then that is not a viable solution.


          I have not tried this, but I suppose it MIGHT be possible to join the 2 files via a calculated field.  I suspect that you don't have an easy way to join specify the join condition, though, so I'm skeptical.