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    Determine the last date in one field and assign that all records in a separate field using FIXED

    William Graham

      I did this before, lost the file, and cannot remember how I did it.


      I have 2 values for field Type

      • Plan
      • Actual


      In the attached file I'm missing something (obviously) as I'm finding 2 last dates according to Type, 1 for Plan and 1 for Actual (and yes I know that's the way FIXED is supposed to work).

      However, I want to determine the last date posted as Actual and assign that value to all records, Plan and Actual.


      In the attached workbook I'd like the field "Last Date" to contain a unique value determined by the last posting with a Type of Actual, in this case May 1, 2018, and have that value assigned to all records regardless of Type.