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    Summing recent months' data

    Jacob Turner

      Good afternoon,


      I am trying to add together three months worth of data but my calculation seems to come out blank every time. I don't have any actual dates in my data source - just years and months, and I've come up with a formula that will give me the latest month (or two or three months ago) in sales, but when I add these three month values together I get a null:

      My formulas are:


      Max Month to get the latest month number with any sales for this year. This one makes the rest of my formulas update automatically when more data is added each month:

      L1 Month Value, which gives me the latest month's sales - this is adapted to give me a specific month's sales by subtracting from the Max Month formula to give me X number of months back:

      L3 Month Value - when I try to add two or more month's worth of sales together, I get a null.

      If I try to add the same month it works perfectly, so I figure it has something to do with offsetting the month number, but I'm not sure how to get around that. Any help you folks can offer would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a workbook here as well.