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    Date field calculation (error reading data correctly)

    Patrick K

      Hello everyone,


      I have two columns within my data table (tde connection from datameer) called 'Quarter' (Datatype = String) and 'Year' (datatype = integer), these two dimensions are not formatted as either date or date&time on tableau unless I convert them manually. When I try to plot a trend line chart it does not read the quarters correctly, for example my data table includes up to the most recent quarter 2018 Q3 but when I plot the Quarter + Year dimensions I get data from 2016 Q1 to 2018 Q1 but when I filter for 'most recent 8 quarters' all of 2016 drops off.


      I also tried to combine the two columns (Quarter + Year) using this calculation;


      DATEPARSE("QQ-YYYY", (str([Quarter]) + STR([Year])))


      When I do Year & Quarter as discrete I see all the values that should be there but I cannot show a continuous graph to show the past 8 quarters.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you