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    API dashboard permissions and fullscreen

    Kevin Baumer

      Hello everybody!


      I want to integrate some Tableau dashboards with the javascript API on a webpage, where multiple persons have access. But I am a total beginner regarding Javascript.


      Therefore I copied the "embed"-Code from the Tableau-Server into my .html file and now the Dashboards are visualized on my page.


      My problem: People who don`t have the permission to view the dashboard (permission is regulated via the Tableau server), receive an error message and a infinite loading screen (see the attached screenshot).

      But is it possible to configure a personal Message, which states that the person doesn`t have enough access rights, instead of this error message?


      My 2nd question is, if it is possible to create a Button (which Html and Javascipt) which directly leads my to a fullscreen view of the Dashboard - without viewing it in an embedded version before.


      Thanks in advance for your help!


      Kind regards

      Kevin Baumer

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          Man Tsui

          Hi Kevin,


          Congratulations on embedding Tableau dashboard in your html file.

          The good news is it sounds like you're able to do a successful embed under your own login.

          That's a good first step starting point.


          Infinite loading screen question:

          Did you make sure people who have been granted view access can properly see the dashboard?

          Make sure people who are supposed to see the dashboard have been granted the appropriate access?

          It is possible to configure personal message within Javascript environment.

          I haven't personally done it before. For research purposes, you may want to try explore this.

          You're using javascript to catch the error from the server side. You need to identify the error code/message from your respective server.


          You may want to work with your network administrator and tableau server administrator to pull this off.

          Share with us how it goes?



          Button in html/javascript question:

          This one may be more easily resolved.

          Yes, you can create a custom button in html/javascript.



          Youtube have plenty of tutorial on html and javascript for beginners. I also recommend udemy.com and lynda.com as they have very affordable, organized online video courses on html and javascript.

          I took the following udemy course.


          jquery is a very popular javascript library and covers a lot of javascript concepts and coding.

          Check out the udemy courses, and discounts.