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    How to compare multiple values of one dimension (using lod)?

    Hagen Böving

      Dear my lovely Tableau Community,


      I have following question: Is it possible to compare multiple values of one dimension?

      To illustrate, please notice following screenshot:



      I am using "Articles" as header in Columns. Users should be able to filter for the articles they need. Good.

      In the Marks area, I have placed some more Dimensions (name, height, width, weight, color..)


      I need to compare the column of every article by every row. If the rows of the articles are the same, the text of the values should be colored green, if they are different, they should be red.


      I had the idea, to declare a fixed lod expression, that fixed article and looks for every row with an if -clause, if the value of the first article is the same (!=) as the second one.

      If it is true then "1", else "2". I would like to draw that field on color, for giving the 1 = red and 2= green.


      That would be great, but unfortunately I have some troubles with the lod expression.

      Has anybody an idea?


      In this scenario, the values of the third row should be green. Row 1-2 & 4-5 should be red.

      Sample Workbook is attached.


      I am looking forward for any idea,


      With best regards,