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    Goal line on YoY line graph

    Chris Boone

      I have a YoY running total line graph that I wish to add an another line that represents the goal for the current year ( 10% added to last years running total). I had to use a work around to get continuous lines with no breaks on the date axis (x-axis) turning it into a string.


                str(datepart('month', [Date])) + '/' + str(datepart('day', [Date]))

      If possible I'd like it to update as the years go on so I don't have to manually change it but I will gladly settle for the line itself. I have seen some examples of this when they only have one line but I am using a filter to display multiple years as different lines on the same axis. Any help or ideas that I can try would be much appreciated.

      I've attached a workbook and am currently using version 2018.1 of Tableau desktop.