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    Integrating Data from multiple sources

    Randi Hartman



      To preface my question I am unable to share my workbook since it is restricted confidential data.


      I need to integrate data from about 7 Excel spreadsheets with Microsoft SQL Server - pulling from Salesforce.


      My goal is to report on Sales activity from - North America, LATAM, EMEA & APAC.  My issue is that there are some APAC countries that cannot use Salesforce at our company.  I need to exclude APAC in the data filter for the Salesforce data connection.  Since that is the case I need to integrate the exports of Excel Spreadsheets with data from the APAC restricted countries.  Do I need a calculated field to tell the system to pull APAC in region pill (from Excel Spreadsheets)


      There are various columns listed in each spreadsheet.  Please advise what route I should take to achieve my goal?


      Thank you in advance!


      Newbie, Tableau Desktop