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    Using a distinct parent field as a GROUP BY for child tables

    Taylor Floyd


      I've searched the forums/openstack/etc and I feel like I may not be using the correct phrasing. What I'm looking for is how to filter data based on 2 categories of data stored in one table. For example, table 1(parent table) has fruit name and table 2 has size and color with fruit name as the key field for joining. What I'm able to do so far is drill down by size OR color OR shape, rather than using AND logic and show the overlap in months. EG filter by color: red and show the sizes of red fruit and the average growing season in number of months(this is a calculated field). See the tables below

      Fruit Name
      Grow start
      Growth End


      Fruit Name
      OrangeColor: Orange
      OrangeSize: 4
      AppleColor: Red
      AppleSize: 6
      CherryColor: Red
      CherrySize: 2