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    Filtering Specific Item Levels

    Zach Ferris

      In the crosstab, you will see [Sales Order Template IDs] containing the various HCPC codes associated with them. What I'm trying to do is keep Template IDs that contain (A4335 OR A4554) AND NOT (T###). T### are codes for wearables, A4335 is for wipes, and A4554 is for underpads. My goal is to find templates that have wipes and not wearables, underpads and not wearables, or underpads and wipes and not wearables. So we can exclude any order that does not contain either A4335 or A4554 as well. I hope this makes sense so far.


      I have created calculated fields using Contains([HCPC], "T") to isolate wearables and underpads but I cannot use them as filters since they override one another. Sets maybe?


      I tried a field that is Contains Underpads = True and Contains Wearables = False, but that didn't seem to work (because it divides the Template by HCPC with these contain filters, even if it isn't on the shelf).


      I also made {FIXED Template ID : COUNTD(HCPC)} so I could filter by A4335/A4554 and templates that had only 1 item, but I know I'm leaving out orders with multiple items (just not T codes).


      Any ideas on how to filter these conditions?

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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Zach:


          There are several ways to do this. I did it with two LOD calcs and a set. Please see attached.


          My SET was just the two UPs you listed:


          My LOD's used a combination of EXCLUDE and MAX to determine if a set value (or constant value) was present.


          I dropped both of these into the filters. By default, you want to set


          [Any UPs?] = 1 (because you only want to see orders that include UPs, and

          [Any Wearables?] = 0 (because you only want to see orders WITHOUT wearables)


          The list you get will show you all elements in the Order, as long as they match this criteria.

          I added filters to the side so you can play around.


          Good luck!

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            Shinichiro Murakami

            Hi Zach


            Many IDs have multiple conditions you defined and you can not assign one flag for each ID.

            Assuming Sales Order Template ID is not unique, what is your final expectations?