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    Only show dimensions of at least a certain ranking number on a bar chart

    Farshad Rastgouy

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I wanted to ask you guys how you would show only the dimensions of at least a certain ranking number on a bar chart.


      I have a bar chart that shows the "death toll" of each country, however since there are so many countries with a registered death toll it's impractical for me to have all of the countries on the bar chart. Therefore I want only the top 20 countries with a registered death toll present.


      This is further complicated by the fact that the "death toll" is only one of a number of parameters to select for the bar chart. The other parameter selections have nowhere near the number of countries with a registered value as what the "death toll" has. This means that I can't filter the values shown for the "death toll" without also filtering the values of the other parameter selections, which is something I don't want to do.


      Here is the link to the viz:



      Thanks a lot for your help in advance

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          first - great viz but as you noted there are some issues

          first to limiting the number of countries to 20 just put in a filter like this

          you will need to place it on each sheet where it is applicable separately - it is a table calculation and you will not be able to pass it from sheet to sheet


          second I believe you are creating confusion for the user by having 4 parameters that are interrelated but you apply them individually


          Parameters are single valued and are static - they remain constant until changed by the user - they are also global - thy apply to the entire workbook-

          additionally each parameter can be used in multiple ways on different or the same worksheet by including the parameter in different calculations or filters

          so if you want to look at "Death Toll" you can use the single parameter value "Death Toll" to filter a country chart - or to see the effect on any other metric that is interrelated


          by having the 4 separate parameters you are asking the user to know or sense when the relationships do or don't apply



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