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    Tableau access to encrypted SQL columns

    Hein Lochner

      I have sensitive data that is stored in a SQL 2016 table.  The sensitive columns are encrypted and a certificate generated which allows a limited number of people to access the decrypted data.  These columns are needed in a Tableau workbook to create a report that will be published to Tableau server with limited access.  The report will be published with a live link and not an extract. 


      I have all the relevant encryption keys and algorithms.  My problem is to get Tableau to read the decrypted data.  I searched for solutions but found very little on the subject.


      Has someone solved this problem?  Any assistance will be appreciated.



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          Sebastian Sofariu

          Hi Hein,


          There is no official support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 encryption with Tableau Desktop.


          You can add your vote to the following Community Idea: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/7616


          The more votes you got the better chances you have to see it implemented.


          Tableau Desktop allow SSL communication encryption but Tableau Desktop driver will not be able to communicate with the Sql Server where the 'always encrypted" is set.



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            Hein Lochner

            Hi Sebastian


            Thank you for the response.


            I think we found a way to encrypt the data and be able to decrypt the data in Tableau.  We are going to:

            1. Encrypt the columns with encryption and decryption keys and a password.
            2. Create a stored procedure that will extract the data and request the password.
            3. Execute the stored procedure in Tableau.  This will hopefully request the password from the user.


            The table is quite small so having a live link will not slow the report down.  We still need to test the full solution but we are hopeful.