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    Tableau to show both last and previous 12 month

    selvakarthick dhanasekaran


      In one worksheet, to display the measure value (Sales) of Last 12 Months(LTM) and Previous 12 Months(PTM) from the selected month.

      The definition for for LTM and PTM defined below.


      Current Month is 2018-June , By default selection


      PTM date range for the sales period as (2016-June to 2017-May)

      LTM date range for the sales period as (2017-June to 2018-May)


      If user selects different month from the drop down, let's select (Apr 2018)


      PTM date range as (2016-Apr to 2017-Mar)

      LTM date range as (2017-Apr to 2018-Mar)