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    Need help calculating % use per day/week/month (maybe LOD?)

    Andrew Horiates

      Hello All.


      I want to calculate the % usage of conference rooms by day or week or month.


      For instance, if "office hours" are 9 hours per day and a room is used 4.5 hours that day, I can see 50% usage. but I want the expression to be dynamic so I can quickly show what the Monthly/Weekly/Qtr usage would be as well.


      I have attached a 10.5 packaged workbook, I have [Room Name], [Start Date], [End Date].


      For this example, I only have one Room listed, but when I get the actual data, there will be 50+ conference rooms and I want to see usage by Conference Room per day/week/month. 


      thank you for the assistance.

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          Don Wise

          Hi Andrew,


          I've attached a 10.5 workbook for you. Not perfect, but I think it comes close to what you're seeking? 


          You might have to have some others weigh in on the way the Dates format automatically based on the date selector parameter. I fiddled with it but didn't get far with it but you'll get the gist of it. 


          Also, some of the percentages are off due to the date/time values being across numerous days and are not shorter periods/segments of time. 


          I also used the assumption that each "day" was a 9-hour day so the division is based on that for day, week, month, year.  If this is helpful, please mark it as such, and if it is correct please mark it as correct.


          Thx, Don

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            Andrew Horiates

            this might get me on the right path. I appreciate your assistance and input. I had to make some changes in how you were dividing the calculation as I did not specify weekdays only.


            So for instance, on the month calculation, you divided by (9*30), whereas the average workdays per month for 2018 is 21.75. So I changed it to (9*21.75). small nuance, but i wanted to share it so you can see the full picture I am going after.


            Thank you again for the help and let's see if anyone else has input.