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    Calculation help - Lookup and LOD

    keerthi keerthi

      Friends I am in need of urgent help-


      Requirement  - Below is a customer , ordering items via multiple Agents.

      While Customer is buying an item(say, 56) , We need to track the change/shift of Agent

      Eg -

      Question 1 -  We need to track the Agent shift date.

            Customer ID=1,

             Item number = 56

             Agent Flow => Agent A to Agent B

            Initially, Customer ID 1 started ordering items for Agent A, the later on 4/24/2015, he ordered same item for Agent B.

            We need to track the Agent shift date.


      Question 2 -  In addition to question 1, we need to track when Customer moved back to previous agent or Did multiple Agent shifts?

             Customer ID=1,

             Item number = 785

             Agent Flow => Agent C to Agent D to Agent C


      Customer IDItem numberAgent NameTransaction dateAgent Change Date
      156Agent A2/27/2015
      156Agent A3/27/2015
      156Agent B4/24/20154/24/2015
      156Agent B6/26/2015
      1785Agent C11/28/2014
      1785Agent C12/26/2014
      1785Agent D2/27/20152/27/2015
      1785Agent C4/22/20164/22/2016



      I tried using Lookup function as below - Lookup(ATTR(Customer ID),-1) . I am getting results, but lookup is working for across table, not pane (i mean not for individual 'item number') wise.


      Is there any way that we can create LOD in combination with Lookup?


      Please me in creating a calculation.."Agent Change Date"