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    Calculated Field for 2 Dimensions

    Ruby Delgado

      I have a dataset where 1 column produces more than 1 result in the other.

      I want the following Calculation:


      IF Enroll Track = 'K-3 Plus' AND Section IN Both 'EY' and 'K3' Then 'Correct'

      ELSEIF Enroll Track = 'K-3 Plus' and Section NOTIN both  'K3' Then 'Not Correct'


      Basically need to list those Who

      Enroll Track = 'K-3 Plus' and null Section OR

      Enroll Track = 'K-3 Plus' and only have Section of 'EY'


      For Example: Below Acosta Jr, Javier should be flagged because he's not in both EY and K3