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    How to calculate Last Year-1 Quarter on Quarter

    Helen Wang

      Hi All,


      I have been building dashboard with Profit data, QoQ, Last year QoQ.

      I want to create a calculation on Last Year-1 QoQ.


      I want to add a third line, to compute : (2018 Q3)/(2016 Q3)-1, which is Last Y-1 QoQ.


      I don't know how to do it by Add quick Table Calculation:


      This is just for Last Year QoQ:


      eg: (2018 Q1)/(2017 Q1) -1 ; (2017 Q1)/(2016 Q1) -1

      (ZN(SUM([Profit])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Profit])), -1)) / ABS(LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Profit])), -1))


      Now I want to use:  (2018 Q1)/(2016 Q1) -1 ; (2017 Q1)/(2015 Q1) -1 ; (2016 Q1)/(2014 Q1)-1 --- as I don't have 2014.


      Thanks and best regards,