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    Problem with index filter returning unexpected results

    Joshua Welte

      I've been stuck on this for a good while and it seems like this should be simple. The purpose of the worksheet "Daily Sample Last Result" is to always show the latest set of sample results from a particular sample 'Template ID' which is filtered by an action on the dashboard.


      I initially tried to tackle this issue using Top N or the Max filtering on 'ID Numeric' which is the unique identifier each individual sample. I could not get this to work, but only recently learned that Tableau's order of operations treats Top N filters above normal dimension filters, which was why I wasn't getting what I wanted. During this process I also learned about indexing which is currently what I'm trying to use to get the visual I want, but it too is not behaving the way I expect and I think it's because I don't fully understand how index's work which is why I'm trying to get help from the community.


      What I have is this. I created an index that basically sets a number for each of the different ID Numeric values, number one being the largest hence most recent... Perfect

      Before Index Filter.PNG


      Now though whenever I go to filter by the index to only display index(): 1 then I get this... Several of the components and result values suddenly don't show up!


      After Index.PNG


      WHAT I WANT is to have is the display below, and I'm kind of at a loss as to how I can make it do what I feel like it should be doing.


      What I want.PNG