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    Shape Sizes - Need Help

    Anjali Bhalodia

      I am in the process of creating a heat map based on utilization of furniture. As a new tableau user, reading the forums and watching the mapping tutorials has definitely helped me make some progress but I am unsure how to proceed further. Attached is my workbook with a floorplan and a sample data set mapped to room 218.


      I would like the dots to vary in (1) size and (2) color to represent (1) occupancy/utilization and (2) location. I figured out how to vary the color based on location but cant seem to scale the shapes to represent quantity/count. The count setting doesn't seem to help.


      In addition, I would also like to be able to blur the dot edges so it can read more similar to a heatmap. The shape function doesnt seem to offer this as an option in my current settings.


      What do I need to change in order to achieve the two things mentioned above?


      Any and all advice appreciated! Thanks in advance, Anjali.

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          Please see if the workbook attached in the Forum thread could give some leads.


          I think the key issue is that the floormap requires aggregation to be turned off.

          So there were multiple dots each of size one on top of each other.


          To get the true count of size, you can use a level of detail calculation that will

          do the aggregation for you and will pin that size to every dot:

          { FIXED [Room],[Furniture]:SUM([Number of Records])}


          This can be placed on the Size shelf.


          Then because there are many copies of dots on top of each other,

          the opacity slider doesn't do much or act consistently.

          Instead, you can create an Index() field and use that as a filter

          and just filter to the first dot. Then opacity will work better: