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    Republish Workbook with Project Permissions

    Matthew Risley

      I've got a seemingly simple question:


      A user of one of my Workbooks on Server wanted me to change a filter slightly by anchoring the Date Filter to the latest value in the data - No problem.


      • So I downloaded the workbook from Server using the Download link

      • Made the change to the filter

      • Went to republish - and to my surprise I cannot set the permissions back to the project default. Only existing Workbook default:



      The Edit button simply shows a list of the permissions of current users and gives me ability to add/edit:


      This is bad because we have a pretty organized set-up when it comes to project folders on server. I do not want to add people manually to this workbook as well as the project folder.


      So. I've gotten around this by deleting the existing workbook on Server, and publishing "for the first time". But this is not what I want. Why is this happening? How can I get around this? Or will it actually be "project default"?


      Additional Info:

      • Data is a Live connection to an extract on server

      • Both Server and desktop are 10.4.3

      • I am a server admin and have full permissions to this folder.