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    Reset filters to specific value when clicking on Reset button in a dashboard

    Nirmalraj Alagarsamy

      Hi Team,

      I have a dashboard that has a few filters. Ideally, I would like to have a Reset button/icon/text that, when clicked, resets several filters to specific values.  Filters are Category, State, Product name and Manufacturer, I would like to reset state to "California", Category to "All" ,Product name to "All" and Manufacture to "All". I have figured out how to reset to "All" using Dashboard actions filter, essentially clearing the selection, but i am struggling to reset state values to "California" when clicking on Reset button.


      Kindly help me to complete these tasks.Attached packaged workbook (Book2.twbx) for your reference.Please use the same dashboard for your workouts.



      Thanks in advance.


      Email: nirmalraj.a@cognizant.com