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    Issue with Multiple Action Filters

    Gregg Hirshberg

      Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to share my dashboard.


      But here's the issue that I'm having. If I use more than one action filter, the second one will reset some of the views in my dashboard. I've attached a screen shot. And in this example, I first clicked on the Vendor, which filters the other views to show the total of 9. But then when I click on the Month of May, the other views filter to show the total # of WOs for the Vendor, and ignore the Action Filter that I would expect would only show May 18.


      I went through each worksheet and removed all the Action Filters. Didn't help. The file I'm using has 7 dashboards, so I tried copying one to a new workbook, and I still have the same issue. Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!

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          Steve Martin

          Which is good.

          As I would not like to have company confidential data on my pc.


          Hi Gregg, I get your issue, this can happen with conflicting filters, but it is quite difficult to grasp from the image.


          Please can you mock this using Superstore Sales, so I can work on a solution on the filters that may be dropping.



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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Gregg

            Understand the confidentiality issue - deal with it with all my clients - that said it is a little difficult to trouble shoot the problem

            Faced with the same problem I would replace all action filters by directly passing the filtered value to selected sheets so I knew what was being passed

            (do not select - all sheet- or all using this data source)

            at that point If I still didn't get what expected - I would have a path to follow to determine the interaction that created the problem


            good luck


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