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    New to Tableau - need help with filters

    Kevin Dow



      I am quite new (still in my first week) to Tableau and and am trying to produce a visualization that is a simple line graph of two variables (in this case, DJI and CPI -- but any two variables can be examined, as I am more interested in the process than the specific outcome)...which I can do...However, I am interested in splitting this into two separate line graphs, one representing the 1970s and one representing the 1980s.  This is where I am struggling.  I have attempted to create groups by decade, and also create a group for each decade.


      I am not able to display the two line graphs (one for the 1970s and one for the 1980s) on a single visualization.


      The first column contains the YEAR variable...and 70.00 represents 1970, and 70.25 represents the end of the first quarter in 1970, and so forth.


      Any suggestions would be helpful.