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    MongoDB BI-Connector Problem Object_ID

    Alexander Egert

      Hi everyone,


      I´m having an issue while getting data from a mongoDB with using the latest BI-Connector for MongoDB.


      My problem is that if I retrieve the data, that die Object_Id was sent as an varchar, but the length is sliced.

      My Object_ID in MongoDB is e.g.




      but if I´m reading the data in tableau I just receive "5b28f300e1cf". My problem is that each row has the same _id field because all Object_ID´s are starting with the same value.



      I tried to use schema generation from mongodlrd but with getting in same trouble. I don´t get any error or something, data will be retrieved but _id field is the only field which is not correct.


      Please help me out with this issue because I don´t find anything in the inet.