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    combination of FIXED and WINDOW_SUM does not work

    Pierre Wunderlich

      Hello Tableau Professionals,


      I need your help. I have a data of customers with Customer Id, Order Month and Order Id (see attached workbook).

      Now I want to divide the customers into order groups (0 orders, 1 order, 2 orders, 3-5 orders etc.) to see who of each group bought in a specific month.

      The group calculation should only consider orders of the months before the specific purchase.


      Example 1: A customer bought for the first time in January. Therefore, the right group would be 0 orders (no purchase before January).

      Example 2: A customer bought 1x in January and 1x in February. At his purchase in March, he would be in Group 2 orders.


      I hope my problem is clear enough and someone can help me. Thank you in advance.