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    Count Anticipated Tasks After First 4 Dates in Day


      Hi All,


      I would like to count how many tasks per day and per worker were anticipated by more than 20 minutes. ("# Anticipated Tasks (More than 20 Mins earlier)" calculated field) However, I would like to start counting the Anticipated Tasks coming from that formula only after the first 4 tasks (to be more specific, the first 4 tasks I obtained after applying some Context Filters to the worksheets). So I don't want to include in my count the Anticipated Tasks that were among the first 4 tasks for the day appearing in the worksheet.


      In worksheet 1 I have managed to obtain the # of Anticipated Tasks and also to count the tasks after the 4th task, but when I go to Worksheet 2 and I try to aggregate these numbers by day I can't manage to obtain the right results. You can see there is a mistake already in trying to count the number of tasks after the 4th task (if you look at the last column of worksheet 2 it should be 3 the result for the 27th of May).


      I am sure there is a small thing I am not able to spot about how I am using the calculations or the viz itself, but I can't figure it out..


      Looking forward to hearing some suggestions / hints on this and thanks a lot in advance for your help.