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    Tableau Server performance recording Other event

    Andrew Watson

      I have a report that takes longer than I would like to open - about 45secs - and have run the server performance recording to try and better understand the cause of the slowness. In the performance recording output it's apparent the Event 'Other' takes up a significant amount of the open time. Drilling in further to the Event Name there are a number of events taking over 5secs. Does anyone know what these events are doing?



      The data source is a data extract published on the server. It's connected to twice but is standalone both times, there's no relationship between the data sources and they aren't blended or used together on the same workbook. Dropping one of the connections makes no difference to load times.


      Almost all calculations are either materialised within the published data source or calculated within the database prior to coming into the data source. There are no LODs being used.


      The server is physically in the US, I'm in the UK.


      Thanks for any assistance.


      EventEvent NameElapsed Time (secs)
      Building ViewDashboardImage_ComputeZoneLayout17.05386
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          Sebastian Sofariu

          Hi Andrew,


          Someone has experienced the same frustration with the meaning of event name and logged an idea that you may want to vote up



          From my experience, if you double-click on event-name, it will be added into the viz and adds more context on what "Other" is doing.


          You can get more detail out of performance recordings by following the steps:

          1) Open the recording in Tableau Desktop and add a new worksheet

          2) In the Dimensions or Measures pane on the left, right-click and select Show Hidden Fields.

          3) You will now see a lot of new data that may provide more insights. You need to manually Unhidden any fields you want to use.


          For collecting performance recordings on Tableau Server I would also advise appending the below string to the view URL:




          for example:

          http://<server domain>/#/views/<workbook>/<view>?:disabled_shared_sessions=true&:refresh=yes&:record_performance=yes


          This will disable cache from shared sessions and refresh the data in the view, so you will have a more accurate performance recording that is not dependent on cached queries and results.


          I hope this information helps.

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            Andrew Watson

            Thanks for the tip. Actually brings up more questions. Any idea what the Task Name 'Getting world update' is doing?



            I think I'm starting to better understand how these events are structured, some are higher level groupings of sub-events.


            It looks like my workbook loading is compiled of 3 main tasks:



            VQLSession_LoadWorkbookFromFile - 8 secs

            bootstrapSession_connectDataSources - 10 secs

            VQLSession_GetWorldUpdate - 13 secs



            It would be interesting to know what each stage is actually doing. VQLSession_GetWorldUpdate looks to be the physical building of the view, a lot of query execution happens at that stage.



            bootstrapSession_connectDataSources is a little confusing as I wouldn't expect it to take 10 secs to connect to a published data extract. The actual Connecting to Data Source event occurs here, but that takes less than 2 secs. There are multiple other events, with the count of occurrences alongside, within that such as ColumnMetadataFixer (263), DashboardController_OnObservableNotify_ModelStateChangedMsg (1018), DataSourceParset_ParseFieldsOrDependencies (163), NamespaceInfo_Construct (264), VisualControllerHandleEdits (168), sort_make_buckets (138) and a few other events happening over 100 times.



            VQLSesion_LoadWorkbookFromFile  - not sure what this is doing

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              Paul Moran

              Quick post to correct the typo in the URL parameter (it won't work otherwise):


              ?:disabled_shared_sessions=true&:refresh=yes&:record_performance=yes should be:



              Only change was to drop the "d" at the end of disable.


              - Paul

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                Hans-Joachim Kunz

                Hi Andrew,


                I have the same issue with the GetWorldUpdate task and was wondering if you managed to get any further information?


                In my case the desktop performance is good, with my Dashboard being build within 3 seconds. On the server however the time necessary to build the Dashboard increases to up to 9 seconds. The GetWorldUpdate task is active for the entire time without any other task running for the first 5 seconds. After this "waiting period" the SQL-queries are being evaluated and finish with nearly the same speed as they would on the desktop.


                I don't suspect any issues with our hardware or the server traffic, both should be far from critical.


                It would be great if you, or anyone else, have any new information, since the available documentation for those tasks is pretty scarce.