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    Monitor for 20% increase in a week

    Hortense Gimonet



      I have a table with a bunch of time stamped tasks and the memory they used, and I would like to monitor for jumps in memory usage over 20%. I would like to be able to calculate the biggest 'jump' in memory use over each week. Ideally, my formula would be along the lines of


      (highest data point in week)/(lowest data point in week)


      Actually what I am looking for is: (highest-lowest)/(average)


      For this I initially considered the following formula:


      WINDOW_MAX([Memory Used],...)/WINDOW_MIN([Memory Used],...)


      But because my data is not uniformly distributed, I cannot assume to know how many other data points will be included in the same week. I am also thinking it would be nice if my function were able to do this not only for a week, but for any time unit of my choosing. How might I go about this?


      Another important thing is that I need to be able to do this on a filtered field, because I need to compare between different elements.


      Thank you!