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    TabPy Issues in Tableau Server 2018.1+

    Nathan Mannheimer

      Hi All,

      There is currently an active issue with TabPy Server connecting to Tableau Server versions 2018.1 and up. An error is occurring in the default timeout value for communications with TabPy.

      We now have a workaround for the issue: By manually setting this value in the server configuration using Tabadmin we can allow for connections to operate normally. The command to set is <vizqlserver.extsvc.connect_timeout_ms> and the default value to set it to is 1000. If setting this value to 1000 ms causes a timeout error, experiment with extending the timeout time. For more documentation on setting values with Tabadmin refer here:


      The exact series of commands in the command line should look like assuming you are using Tableau Server 2018.1. Be sure that you are running your command line as an administrator:

      cd "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\2018.1\bin"

      tabadmin stop
      tabadmin set vizqlserver.extsvc.connect_timeout_ms 1000
      tabadmin config
      tabadmin start