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    Need help with calculation (adding two columns)

    Krishna Dudhela

      Hi Everyone,


      I am stuck at a table calculation. Could anyone please take a look and help me out??




      A Brokered/Direct filter (containing values Brokered,Direct)


      1. If we select Brokered then it must display OpTarget Total Members Brkd


      2.If we select Direct then it must display OpTarget Total Members Dct


      3.If we select both(Brokered,Direct) then it must display the sum of OpTarget Total Members Brkd + OpTarget Total Members Dct




      My calculation is as follows:




      The problem is that the first two conditions displays data properly. Whereas the third condition subtracts the values instead of adding it.


      1. Condition 1 (Brokered)


      2.Condition 2(Direct)




      3. Condition 3


      Could you please help me solve this?







      Attached workbook.