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    Writing formuals in Dimension

    Jonathan Tunner

      I know there has been a lot already discussed here, but two quick questions for the group:


      1)  I have a  T/F for Dimension "Conference Attendees" for 10 years.  There are values for both T and F for each year.  How do I create a Net Value i.e. T -  F?  I am struggling here even though I know it is simple.

      2)  I have a Dimension "Category" which contains Cost of Goods Sold A,B and C as well as corresponding Revenue names for product A, B, and C.  How do I group these together in a formula so that I can create Total Sales, or match revenue A with cost of goods sold A?  Do I need to create a new column?  I know this is easy, but I am struggling with this as well.


      Many thanks in advance!




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