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    How to address blanks and other problems in a string dimension

    Char Miller

      Hello -


      My data is a bit of a mess (it's free text entry) and I could use some help figuring out how to display it.


      In the screenshot below, I'm showing response counts to Question 1 and Question 2. Because the responses (the "text" pill) come from a free text field, they include blanks as well as text entries. I'd like to display the responses grouped as follows:


      Blank = no response

      "P" or "p" = Pass

      "F" or "f" = Fail

      Anything else = "Other"


      I created a group, but the blanks always end up grouped with "other," so I deleted that group. I tried creating an alias for the blanks, grouping them and renaming the group, but the alias didn't show up and neither did the new group name, so I gave up on groups.


      Any help greatly appreciated. I tried to recreate in an Excel so I could upload a workbook, but Excel puts "Null" in for blanks. The database I'm pulling from (Oracle) simply has blanks, not 'null,' so I wasn't sure how to recreate it exactly and I can't post the whole workbook due to security/privacy policy.






      Current Layout



      Desired grouping