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    Using TabCmd to print selected worksheets

    Kris Apo

      I am trying to use TabCmd to PDF about 800 reports.

      I have gotten to where I can PDF the report with all the pages that I've published to the server.

      Here's my issue:  I have a worksheet called ID number that has all the ID numbers that I'm using to filter and PDF the reports.

      I tried to run the reports without that page and it wouldn't work, but when I publish that page each PDF includes all the ID number's.


      Here's the cmd line that is working for me, and I assume I need to do something to the "--fullpdf" portion I just don't know what.


      tabcmd export "TabCmdexample/IDNumber?IDnumber_Parameter=NM1026" --fullpdf --filename "S:\\G1\04Output\tabcmd\NM1026.pdf


      The pages that I want to have in my reports are called ProviderReport, ProviderReport2 and Dashboard5.


      Thanks for any help.