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    DataDriver alert : send to email id

    Nishant Saxena

      Hi, Our Tableau authentication source is Windows AD, so as of now we can only add individual users for data-driven alerts.


      Am curious if there is way we can send the same to an bunch of people via email, instead of individual users.


      Not sure vizalert is applicable in such case..


      Any inputs. Thanks!

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          Matt Coles

          Yes, VizAlerts will handle this use case. It accepts email addresses, so you could put in any series of individual and DL email addresses you wanted into the Email To field, and they'd all get the email. You could also send customized emails to a whole set of different individuals whose addresses were determined by a set of data you had.


          As far as solutions to do this in-product, you could build an alert that you then subscribed a Group to it (must be 10.5 or higher for this feature). But if the group membership changed, you'd need to regularly maintain the list of people subscribed. Another option is to set up a separate user that is a service account, and edit the email address field within it to point to a distribution alias. Then subscribe that user, and the email will go to the whole DL.