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    Aggregation Issue

    Brian Green

                  My goal is to calculate retention, but my calculated field is showing 50% retention when the two underlying records that comprise that are both retained, so 100%. I am am calculating datediff between the start of a membership to today or the duration of a membership (I work for a member based company)  in SQL. I then use a calculated field to determine if the days retained is above x number. I also have a filter to make sure every member I pull in has been active at least x amount - 90 days for example - I then created a calculated field dividing number of records by sum of members retained (the 0s and 1s from my calculated field utilizing).


            Here, is the problem, for the region in question (so I could isolate the problem - where I only have two members, both retained past the point where they need to qualify my retention calculated field is showing 50%, but when I pull in their ID's each individual they individually show 100% retention and I pull that pill out and it aggregates again it shows 50%. I am hesitate to upload the workbook at this is proprietary, but if my description is unclear I can scrub it and upload it. Essentially my aggregation and deaggregated versions of my calculated field seem to behave differently and I am unsure why and I'm hoping this general issue someone has seen and solved before. I have changed the data types and the way it calculated (sum, avg etc) to no affect.

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          Wesley Magee


          A workbook would help, but I'd first try a level of detail calculation. If you fix the datediff calc at the member level, then it should return the amount a the level of granularity you're looking for.


          {FIXED [Member] : DATEDIFF('day',[Start Date],[End Date])}


          You may have to do the same for the retention calc depending on how you're calculating it. Let me know if this doesn't work.



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