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    Need help in correcting the error :Expected type boolean,found date.

    sai lakshmi

      Hi All,


      I have a dashboard which uses six different datasources.All are using amazon redshift database.Among them I choosen a datasource and tried to write a calculation.Let me call it datasource 'A' and datasource 'B'.Now I tried to write a calculation in Datasource 'A' by pulling Monthend column from datasource 'B'.The scenario is as follows:




      I have a date column named Month end.If the month end column has data, it has to show the maximum date in text chart else it  should display the current year ending date (#31-12-2018#).


      Solution I tried:


      For this, I wrote a calculation as follows:


      IF ISNULL([Month end])) THEN ISDATE('31-12-2018')

      ELSE [Month end]



      Errors am facing:



      But am getting an error  when writing a calculation in amazon red shift:  Expected type boolean,found date.

      When I use excel sheet am getting an error like "Expected THEN to match IF"


      Expected output :


      31-12-2018 / Maximum date in month end column if exists


      Required help:


      I would be grateful if any one can explain how to  handle this type of errors and expecting a possible fix to the calculation.


      Have attached the .twbx file for your reference.


      Thanks & Regards

      sai lakshmi