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    Merging Files: Excel and Shapefile

    Robin Simpson-McKay

      Hello Everyone,


      I have been trying to marry two sets of data. One, a shapefile of polygons of neighborhoods in Toronto, the other an excel file with some data on these neighborhoods (average resident age, housing prices, etc.). Ideally would like to be able to sort the polygon types by the information in the excel. I have tried to join and union the data sets, but despite having the same columns of "Neighbourhood" and "Neighbourhood ID", they don't seem to be able to communicate.


      Has anyone had any success with this? Is there a step I am missing to make the data more compatible between the two types?


      Thank you

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          Donna Coles

          Hi Robin


          A couple fo things to double check - are the fields that look like they have the same names actually the same datatype and the same capitalisation/spelling?  Sometimes an ID field might get interpreted as a string in one data set but a number in another, and Tableau won't be able to join/blend them. Similarly Id is not the same as ID.


          If it isn't this simple, might be worth attaching a copy of the two files you're trying to combine.




          PS - am also moving this post into the main Forums (Forums ) area of the Community, where it will attract more attention.

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