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    How can I have bars in a graph lead to text when clicked on?

    Samuel Hoffman

      Okay, so this will be tricky to explain. I've set up example data with screenshots to help clarify.


      The data we're working with revolves around customer feedback comments. We have the actual customer comments in one column, and next to it, we have the "coded" comments. For example, someone complaining about how long it took to get an answer to their problem would get coded as "Long response."


      This is what the raw data looks similar to.


      From there, I have already set up a Tableau sheet where the coded comments have been counted in a bar graph. This probably doesn't need a visual example, but it is (ignore pivot field names and the labels I put on it):



      What I'm wondering is how I could set up that sheet so that if someone were to click on the "Long response" bar, for example, they would be redirected or receive a pop-up with all of the original comments (like "The response took too long, and the agent was rude."). I believe I have seen this done before, so I'm fairly sure it's possible.